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kviz 2 en

What is the title of the exhibition at the City Museum of Rijeka showing early works of the painter Gustav Klimt?

Out of a total of nine paintings from the Rijeka theatre shown at the exhibition, how many have not been signed?

How many of the exhibited paintings decorate the ceiling of the Rijeka theatre?

Which photograph shows Gustav Klimt?

The team of artists that Gustav Klimt constituted together with his brother and his fellow student was known under the title of Atelier of brothers Klimt and Franz Matsch.

Gustav Klimt, his brother Ernst and Franz Matsch went to the same school.

Out of a total of nine exhibited canvases, seven are the works of Gustav Klimt.

After 133 years the paintings have been demounted from the Rijeka theatre and conserved and restored before being exhibited at the City Museum of Rijeka.

What painting technique was used for the exhibited paintings from the Rijeka theatre?

What is the art movement called with its main founder and protagonist Gustav Klimt?


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