Summer at the Museum of the City of Rijeka – educational and creative workshops for children

From the 20th to the 23th July 2021 educational and creative workshops were held at the Sugar Refinery Palace at the permanent display of the Museum and the exhibition The unknown Klimt – love, death, ecstasy. The workshops were intended for children from 7 to 11  years of age. Within a week we visited the entire permanent display of the Museum and the exhibition The unknown Klimt. We got acquainted with the notion of the kampanul, tried out the sugar cone cutter, learned about all the forms sugar had been available in the past and what was going on in the Sugar Refinery Palace before. Following the interactive tour of the Klimt exhibition, we were introduced to the artist Gustav Klimt and the works that embellish the ceiling of the Rijeka theatre. We viewed the paintings closely and noticed details, wondered about the motifs, the colours and the paintings’ titles and were looking for the signatures. On top of all that we enjoyed going through questionnaires, colouring books and puzzles on touch screens, as well as the interactive projections of the Drawings and the Angel.

At the workshops we made our own sugar cones using 3D-model moulds, we decorated wooden boxes using the decoupage technique and applying motifs from the permanent display and the exhibition, made bracelets out of wooden spatulas, embellishing them with motifs from the exhibition and the permanent display. On the last day we wrapped our kampanuli in cellophane, added little pearls and crystals onto boxes and bracelets, varnished and dried them. We filled the wooden decorated boxes with sugar, turning them into really unique sugar bowls. Our weekly meeting ended in playing games and having fun with team searches for answers to already prepared questionnaires in the permanent display rooms and those of the exhibition. The children took all the works made at the workshop back home as a souvenir.

Check our photograph gallery to see what it was like for us!